Road Vehicle Interiors

The following panels are used as van lining plywoods, lorry interiors and horsebox lining plywoods, in fact they can be used in any type of vehicle. Wall panels and internal fitted units can be constructed using these panels, which can be supplied unfinished, or with a decorative and/or hard-wearing surface. Special coatings give added protection against corrosion & moisture, and can also improve wear resistance.

Pre-finished large size plywoods make it possible to design and build large, seamless surfaces, which are easy to keep clean, and can be supplied with a range of sound-reducing options.

Lightweight poplar plywood is of particular interest where weight is of paramount importance, as these are around 40% lighter than standard plywoods.

These panels can be supplied cut to size, and CNC machined into specific components to your design, allowing cost savings and speed of installation to be achieved.

Decorative panels
Formwork plywoods
Patterned slip-resistant plywoods
Raw plywoods
Technical & engineered panels
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