Veneered MDF

Flat Veneered MDF:

Veneered MDF: Camphor burr veneer faced MDF

You can buy veneered MDF with face veneers chosen from our range of 350+ veneers & inlays, or any other veneer that is avaialble to special order. These highly decorative panels are available in standard sizes (e.g. 2440x1220mm) or can be produced to specific sizes as a bespoke bookmatched set.

The exposed edges of veneered MDF can be decorated in matching veneer stock, or solid lumber lippings - the latter normally being applied prior to the core prior to calibration and overveneering. We offer either option, or a mixture of both, and can also supply panels where the lippings have been mitred to further enhance the appearance that the final veneered MDF panel is actually made from solid wood.

Matching lippings allow a veneered MDF panel to have a profile applied to the edge, and you might prefer a contrasting wood to be installed around the central veneered panel. The most stable way to achieve this effect is by veneer marquetry and lippings that match the framing veneer, or this can also be achieved using wide solid lippings that are fitted after the panel has been veneered.

Along with lippings and framing veneers, we also offer a range of decorative marquetry inlays and plain strips that can be used to achieve an infinite range of designs and patterns of doors and panels.

We can supply veneered MDF using any of our range of decorative veneers and any form of MDF core, including:

Flexible Veneered MDF:

Flexible veneered MDF panels are also available with a face chosen from any of our range of veneers and inlays, and can be supplied in standard sizes or produced to specific sizes.

As detailed above, we can provide these panels with an extensive range of inlays installed into the face of these flexible veneered MDF panels. These inlays can be installed in any configuration or design.

Due to the nature of the panel, we supply flexible veneered MDF panels with veneer bonded only to one side. This allows the panel to be bent to the desired shape - this arrangement allows even difficult to handle veneers such as burrs to be included in curved shaped constructions and furniture.

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FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier off FSC certified veneered MDF and/or PEFC certified veneered MDF.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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Winwood Products is a supplier of veneer in the following forms:

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