Inlaid Veneers & Veneered Panels

Our range of inlays can be installed into our Premier Grade veneers and veneered panels, and we have shown a few examples on our veneers and inlays page, although the full range of decorative composite inlays consists of over 200 decorative designs as line, stripe, feather, rope, dogtooth, diamond, woven, shadow, dentil, check dentil, chain and Greek key forms.

All of these inlays can be installed in any design or configuration that you choose, whether to give a panelled effect or simply as strips across the face of the panel, and we can also produce special inlays to a design of your making, subject to minimum order quantities.

We have also included the full range of our standard veneers in our veneer page for you to view, as these can all be supplied and inlaid as strips of any width, and in any configuration or design - you will find there are over 40,000 combinations available to you on one page!

Simply click on the main veneer and then choose an inlay from the list on the right in order to view it inlaid into the main panel - clicking on the red link just above the image will remove the inlay.

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