South Atlantic Jarrah Veneer

South Atlantic Jarrah Veneer

South Atlantic Jarrah is a large tree found right across Central & Latin America, from Mexico, south to Peru & Brazil. It is also called Brazilian Bloodwood, Brazilian Redwood, Bolivian Cherry, Peruvian Cherry, Amazon Mahogany, Balata, Beefwood, Bulletwood, Chicozapota, Macaranduba, Maparajuba, Massarandu, Massaranduba, Nispero, Pamashto, Paraju & Quinilla colorada.

South Atlantic Jarrah sapwood is a light chestnut colour and distinct from the light to dark reddish-purple or dull plum red heartwood, which somewhat resembles raw beef and becomes dark red when exposed to sunlight during a period of weeks or months.

The grain has a fine, straight grain, although this can be slightly wavy or interlocked with a very fine and uniform texture

South Atlantic Jarrah has no distinct taste or odour, and the lustre is moderate.

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