Ipe Veneer

Quartered Ipe veneer Crown Ipe veneer

Consisting of about 20 species of trees occuring in every continental South & Central American country except Chile, Ipe is also commonly called Amapa, Brazilian Walnut, Cortez, Guayacan and Lapacho to name a few.

The colour range of Ipe varies considerably based on where it grows, and the heartwood can vary from a light yellowish tan color with greenish overtones to a dark olive, almost blackish brown, often with lighter or darker striping, and often covered with a yellow powder. This is sharply differentiated from the sapwood, which is relatively wide and yellowish grey or grey–brown in colour.

Ipe texture is fine to medium, and its lustre low to medium. The grain is straight to very irregular and often narrowly interlocked.

It is rather oily looking, without distinctive odour or taste.

Due to the high density of this wood, machining Ipe can be difficult. However, the finished surface is glassy smooth and polishes well - a wax being the best choice for finishing in many cases.

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