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High Performance Thermowood

Thermally Modified Wood: Thermowood decking A new high-performance material that takes advantage of the major improvements offered by thermally modified wood technology, it is produced using a heat-treatment system that imparts stability and durability to the structure of wood. Even though the product is 100% natural - there are no added chemicals or preservatives - the timber carries a 10-year guarantee against rot in situ for many applications including decking, cladding and joinery products, such as window and door sections.

We offer a range of thermally-modified panels & worktops, which are manufactured using timber that has previously gone through this process before being assembled into decorative hardwood panels & worktops.

Main advantages

The Kilning Process

Radiata pine cladding - Durability Class 2

This process can be applied to both softwood and hardwood species, and it makes no difference whether sapwood or heartwood is to be processed. Once the wood structure has been treated, shrinkage and swelling become vastly reduced, so that the integrity of joints remains intact.

Because all of the resins are removed, there is no blistering of surface coatings, so the product remains maintenance-free for a much longer period of time than ordinary timber.

Unlike many preservative treatments, which only penetrate the surfaces of timber, this process goes right through every piece end-to-end, so that 100% of the timber is thermally modified - this is a totally natural product that may be cross-cut, drilled and notched without the need for further treatment.

Stellac Thermo-posts - Durability Class 2

With no need for preservatives, this product is suited to uses near animals, childrens' play areas, and in locations where chemical treatments are inappropriate.

From an environmental perspective, thermally modified wood's credentials are very high as virtually any specie can be used, rather than tropical hardwood or old-growth stands in ecologically sensitive areas.

Thermally modified radiata pine is a particular strength, and this can be produced knotless 3-sides for a superb paint finish.

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