Ripple Pattern

Ripple pattern in brown MDF

One of our standard range of sculptured panels, which can also be produced to bespoke pattern and/or special size:

Ripple pattern consists of a series of ridges approx 0.5mm high, 3-5 mm apart, that are then placed upon a larger wave sequence with a height of approx 5mm at 60-70mm centres.

It can be machined into a board of minimum thickness 22mm

Although it is available in a range of materials and can be produced in specific panel sizes & sets, it is generally manufactured using coloured MDF in a standard nominal panel size of 2440x1220mm

Usually supplied with a diamond pattern of relieving grooves machined to the reverse in order to ensure stability, as an alternative an 18mm MDF balancer can be bonded to the reverse in order to stabilise the panel and offer bulk for hidden fixings in maximum size 2400x1200mm

Due to the non-repeating pattern, this pattern cannot be supplied as a set of tileable panels

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