Wood - a warm & tactile material

Wood is something that you can't help but touch! It is an excellent material for decoration, and is highly prized for its aesthetic beauty. Wood products feel warm, while their performance under stringent conditions is also well-known and highly appreciated.

You can order any of our products in standard or special sizes, profiled, edged or servicing in any way, such as profiling to pattern, CNC machining, edge-banding, etc.

Decorative panels  - Decorative Panel Products

You can choose from a variety of decorative panels, whether they are faced with real wood veneer, laminated with a range of coverings, or self-coloured. These panels can be supplied machined to pattern and/or contoured/deeply textured:

Veneered Panels:

Textured Panels:

Stripey Plywood:

Laminated Panels:

Painted Panels:

Fibreboard panels  - Fibreboard Panels:

MDF & special fibreboards are available to offer many characteristics, such as self-coloured, textured surfaces, painted in a single uniform colour or covered with a variety of coatings:


Formwork plywood  - Concrete Formwork Plywood:

These plywoods are regularly used where concrete is to be poured, whether in the form of building work, or in the manufacture of concrete blocks. They are also used for wallcoverings, internal display, and in the manufacture of furniture:

Non-slip plywood  - Slip-Resistant Plywood:


A wide range of surface patterns are available to offer different aesthetic and performance characteristics, whether for non-slip flooring, flight cases, or as a decorative surface:

Edge glued hardwood panels & worktops  - Hardwood Edge Glued Panels & Solid Hardwood Worktops:

A range of panels & worktops that can be manufactured to size. These panels are available with fingerjointed or full length staves - the latter also being available in 3-layer construction - and can be manufactured to order as a multi-coloured mix of more than one specie:

Hardwood panels

Raw plywood  - Plywood:

Plywood is used in many, many applications. Here you can discover more about the high-quality ranges we offer for different end-uses:



Technical & engineered panels  - Engineered Wood & Technical Panels:

If you can design a wood-based product using any combination of woods or other materials, we can generally supply it. Subject to physical restraints, these products can be manufactured exactly to your express requirements:

Typical examples are:

Lumber and veneer products  - Lumber & Veneer Products:

Solid lumber products produced specifically to your pattern or requirements:



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