Sound Reduction Plywood

Plywood used for noise reduction

Sound Reduction Plywood: Beech acoustic plywood with twin-layer foamUsed to reduce the transmission of sound waves by restricting the amount that pass along and through the panel, sound reduction plywood is effective at a range of frequencies, while reducing the amount of weight needed to achieve these reductions, and also offering excellent strength/load carrying capacities. It is regularly used in the manufacture & refurbishment of transport vehicles, such as buses, trains & vans, and the interiors of buildings, where it is desirable to achieve a good rate of sound reduction.

Plywood of this nature is manufactured by bonding one or more sheets of plywood to either side of one or more layers of a sound-reducing layer of cork or an engineered rubber composite. This achieves performance against different sound frequencies, depending upon the core construction & thickness.

Sound reduction plywood types:

While these panels are generally based on a construction of beech plywood or okoume plywood, the sound reduction layers can also be incorporated into ash plywood, silver fir plywood, oak plywood, poplar plywood or birch plywood, with others also available subject to agreement.

For special acoustic, aesthetic or mechanical requirements we can offer bespoke construction using other composites and layups (for instance, using more layers of the sound reduction material, or supply as sound reducing veneer faced plywood). Sound reduction plywood can also be supplied premachined to pattern/design upon request.

Flame Retardant Sound Reduction Plywood

In addition to standard sound reducing plywood, we now offer a fire-resistant plywood combined with a sound-reducing layer within the core. This offers a panel that reduces the transmission of sound and also offers fire performance characteristics, certificated to DIN 4102-B1.

This product is currently available based on beech plywood, ash plywood, silver fir plywood & poplar plywood or birch plywood.

Technical details:

Decorative veneer faced sound reducing plywood:

Any of our wide range of decorative real wood veneers can be bonded onto a sound reduction plywood core of any of the normal types.

FSC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC certified sound-reduction plywood and/or PEFC certified sound-reduction plywood.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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