European Oak Plywood

European Oak Plywood: European oak veneer

This product can be used in a variety of different ways and is suitable for many applications. It is commonly requested for its hard-wearing surface layer veneer (e.g. for flooring applications), or due to its high strength & rigidity (e.g. musical instruments). It is also regularly used in the manufacture of decorative furniture, where the core is to be seen, or even accentuated, and the desire is to have an edge with the uniform colour of European oak throughout the panel.

This wood is also available as oak fineline plywood

Winwood Products is a European oak plywood supplier offering the following configurations/options:

Oak throughout plywood:

European Oak Plywood: European oak throughout plywood

European Oak throughout plywood is a very strong and stable alternative to lumber, panels manufactured from edge-glued oak lumber strips, while offering a face and core of rotary peeled European oak.

Plywood panels of this type are generally produced using minimum 1.66mm rotary peeled oak face veneers on a core of 1.66mm & 2.5mm rotary peeled oak veneers, all of which are sourced from European forests.

Oak throughout plywood can be manufactured to your exact specification if required. For instance 2.5mm face veneers, or a non-standard core layup e.g. using 2.5mm right throughout the core and face, could be accomodated to suit your exact needs.

All these choices are available in the form of oak throughout plywood, or as 'oak combi plywood' or 'oak twin plywood' (see Oak Faced Plywood below).

Oak faced plywood:

European Oak Plywood: European oak faced plywood - on fir core

Hard-wearing faces of minimum 1.66mm rotary peeled European oak veneer can be bonded onto a core made up of alternating layers of oak and another specie (called 'combi plywood') or with just the faces in oak and the core made entirely of another wood (called 'twin plywood').

Typically, oak combi plywood and oak twin plywood are based upon cores of ood are based upon cores of silver fir plywood, beech plywood, maple plywood or poplar plywood. The reasons for choosing any particular arrangement may be manyfold, but such combinations are regularly chosen to reduce the weight of the overall panel, to reduce the cost, or to offer a contrasting coloured edge as a decorative feature.

Alternatively, you might prefer to browse our range of decorative oak veneered panels.

Unidirectional oak plywood (oak drawerside plywood):

Oak Plywood: Unidirectional European oak drawerside plywood

Unidirectional European oak plywood has a core that is arranged with all the veneers lying in one direction, rather than the usual layup of each veneer being at right angles to the one above/below it.

This arrangement offers increased strength/stiffness in the direction of the grain, and more flexibility in the other, allowing the panel to bend across the grain as the stiffness in this direction is reduced. It is often used for aesthetic purposes, for instance if the edge of the panel is to be seen and end grain of every other core veneer would be detrimental to the overall effect, or to avoid cross-grain tearout where deep grooves are to be run into the surface.

Generally, the core veneer immediate beneath the face is bonded at right angles to all others, as this has been found to offer increased stability across the face and therefore to reduce the incidence of splitting on the face veneer due to the increased flexibility of the panel across the grain, although the mill can lay all the veneers in the same direction if specifically instructed.

This type of product is regularly employed for applications such as oak drawerside plywood, oak skirtings, decorative face carvings, and other similar uses.

European oak 'Triply' 3-layer panels

Similar product: European oak 'Triply' 3-layer panels

A solid lumber panel composed of 3 layers of European oak edge glued together.

Core quality:

Oak throughout plywood has core veneers that are 'closed', i.e. no open defects are allowed in the core, while oak combi plywood & oak twin plywood is available with closed core veneers, or standard core veneers (allowing some knotholes and open defects in the core, in a similar way to birch plywood).

The high face quality is maintained whether 'closed core' or 'standard core' construction is requested - the choice only affects the core of the plywood itself.

Technical details:

FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC certified oak plywood and/or PEFC certified oak plywood.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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