Lightweight Poplar Plywood

Lightweight Poplar Plywood

Lightweight and yet extremely strong, poplar plywood is manufactured at our Italian plywood mill & used where weight and/or reliable quality of face and core are of concern.

In addition to plywood manufactured with poplar face veneers, you can purchase a range of high-quality plywood products with decorative and industrial face veneers, in a range of special sizes up to a maximum of 3130x2100mm.

Okoume Plywood

Exterior okoume plywood

A lightweight plywood product that is used where a high-quality panel is required with known performance and stability, okoume plywood can be supplied with a core of poplar to achieve a weight that is even lighter.

We offer interior and exterior gluing, along with marine grade plywood that has been certified to CTB-X standard, and in the form of okoume combi plywood, where the core is okoume mixed with another wood.

Ash Throughout Plywood

Ash Plywood

This ash plywood product is manufactured from 100% rotary peeled ash veneers in 2.5mm thickness, i.e. both face veneers and core veneers are ash. Plywood panels of this nature can be supplied in a range of thicknesses & sizes, and can be manufactured exactly to your requirements.

In addition, ash face veneers can be combined with ash or any other wood to achieve a combi or twin core (commonly known as ash faced plywood), and can be supplied with unidirectional core veneers (sometimes called ash drawerside plywood)

Beech Throughout Plywood

Beech Plywood

This plywood product is supplied with rotary cut or sliced cut beech face veneers that have been bonded to a beech plywood core, made up of standard, or closed (without open defects) veneers.

This plywood can be supplied with a range of surface options, including phenolic resin, and we can also offer combination core with cross-banded veneers of poplar and other species (commonly sold as beech faced plywood), along with unidirectional core veneers (beech drawerside plywood)

Fineline Plywood

Fineline plywood

The stripey appearance of this highly decorative plywood is used as a decorative feature in interior finishes and in the manufacture of decorative furniture, stairs & floors.

This solid block of wood allows for complicated shapes & patterns to be produced, and is available in a number of woods, or produced to order as a composite of more than one type, and can be made including through-coloured laminates as part of the design.

Flexible Plywood

Flexible plywood

This is a range of plywoods that has been specially engineered to offer a high degree of flexibility. These panels are used to form curves and more organic shapes than can be achieved using standard plywood, which by its design, has been produced to be as rigid as possible.

This bending plywood product can be supplied in long grain or short grain orientation, in order to offer 'barrel-wrap' and 'column wrap' arrangements.

Oak Throughout Plywood

Oak throughout plywood

This is a very strong solid oak plywood product that has been manufactured from rotary cut oak veneers that are closed (without open defects). It is generally supplied using veneers of oak throughout.

Oak plywood can also be supplied with veneers of other woods mixed into the core in both standard orientation, and also with them oriented in a unidirectional manner if required.

Maple Throughout Plywood

Maple throughout plywood

This plywood product is supplied with rotary peeled maple veneers bonded to a maple plywood core made up of veneers in a range of uniform thickness that are standard, or closed (without open defects) veneers of beech throughout.

Maple Plywood such as this can be supplied with a range of surface options, including phenolic resin, and we can also offer combination core with cross-banded veneers of poplar and other species.

Sound Reduction Plywood

Sound Reduction Plywood

This plywood product offers greatly reduced sound transmission, and is generally supplied with rotary cut beech face veneers bonded to a beech plywood core.

This acoustic plywood can also be supplied using fir plywood, maple plywood or birch plywood within the layup in an combination, all of which can be fire treated prior to pressing to obtain a fire resistant acoustic plywood.

Flame Retardant Plywood

Flame Retardant Plywood

Whereas most fire-retardant plywoods are treated after they are pressed, the veneers used to produce these products are treated before they are assembled and pressed. As a result, these particular panels are totally flame-resistant from the edges right to centre of every veneer.

In addition, this product is available as a flame retardant sound reduction plywood panel, as detailed above.

Silver Fir Throughout Plywood

Silver fir plywood

Relatively lightweight and cost-effective, silver fir plywood is a high-quality coniferous plywood that can be supplied on its own merit, although it is most commonly used to form the core of plywoods that are manufactured using higher-cost materials. Products that regular use fir plywood within their construction include; beech plywood, oak plywood, maple plywood & sound reduction plywood.

FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC certified plywood and/or PEFC certified plywood.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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