Phenolic Resin Faced Plywood - Dark Grey Hexagon Pattern

During the manufacture of this plywood a dark grey hexagonal slip resistant raised area of 10mm diameter is hotpressed onto the film surface. Each instance is surrounded by six others in a repeating hexagonal configuration, approx 2mm from its nearest neighbour.

The raised slip-resistant pattern maintains its anti-slip properties under a wide range of climatic conditions and is therefore an ideal material for demanding flooring applications.

Standard thickness range:

6.5mm to 30mm (special thickness up to 60mm)

Standard panel sizes:

1220/1250/1525 x

Special sizes:

Any size up to 1525x3660mm without joint or 3700x2100mm jointed

Surface options:

348g/m2 faces
174g/m2 smooth reverse

Wear performance:

Taber rating = 900R / ~ 10,000 movements @ 300kg


Nearest RAL 7046
Available from stock in black, dark brown & dark grey
Light grey, blue, red, green, & yellow available to special order in pallet quantities

Typical uses:

Loading platforms
Stages, stands & terraces
Sports & playground facilities
Trailer & vehicle floors
Terrace floors
Flight cases

Edge treatment:

Typically sealed with acrylic paint - nearest RAL 7046

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