Phenolic Resin Faced Plywood - Dark Brown Carat Pattern

This skid-resistant plywood has a raised pattern consisting of thousands of dark brown diamond shapes approx 10x4mm in size. The pattern gives the panels a high degree of anti-slip properties and also reduces the bearing stress on the face veneer of the plywood. This improves its shear strength, allowing it to bear heavier point loads.

The small diamond pattern makes the surface skid resistant, but extremely easy to keep clean.

Standard thickness range:

9mm to 30mm (special thickness up to 60mm)

Standard panel sizes:

1200/1220/1250/1500/1525/1880mm x

Special sizes:

Any size up to 1900x4000mm without joint or 13000x3000mm jointed

Surface options:

220g/m2, 440g/m2 or 800g/m2 faces
120g/m2, 220g/m2 or 440g/m2 smooth reverse

Wear performance:

Taber rating = 800R-1500R / ~ 6,000 movements @ 300kg - depending upon the coating


Nearest RAL colour = RAL 8017
Available from stock in dark brown, dark grey & light grey

Typical uses:

Heavy duty flooring
Loading platforms
Pedestrian bridges
Stages, stands & terraces
Sports & playground facilities
Warehouse floors

Edge treatment:

Typically sealed with exterior acrylic paint - RAL 8017

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