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Okoume Throughout Plywood

Okoume PlywoodThis relatively lightweight plywood is most often supplied with the makeup being from veneers of okoume throughout. Plywood of this nature is regularly used in the manufacture of boats & luxury yachts, exterior joinery, musical instruments, exterior cladding and toy & model making. Okoume faced plywood is also availabe on a core of okoume mixed with other species (this is described as 'combi plywood'), or with just the face in okoume, and a core of 100% another species (called 'twin plywood').

Okoume Faced Plywood:

Okoume/Fir Combi PlywoodThis can be supplied as 'okoume combi plywood' (with alternating layers of okoume and another wood) or as 'okoume twin plywood' (just the faces are of okoume), and is generally based upon cores of poplar plywood and silver fir plywood. Both these species offer a reduction in cost and, particularly in the case of poplar plywood, a panel that is much lighter in weight, used extensively in the manufacture of vehicles and structure where weight is at a premium.

While not quite as light in weight as poplar-based plywoods, okoume plywood is still classed as comparatively lightweight when compared to other plywoods, such as beech plywood or oak plywood.

Okoume plywood is available with glue bonds suitable for performance in accordance with EN314-2 Class 1 (interior & moisture resistant applications), Class 2 (covered/protected exteriors & high moisture areas) and Class 3 (fully exposed exterior applications), and can be supplied in a range of sizes.

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The following are approximate weights of okoume plywood:

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