European Beech Edge Glued Panels & Worktops

Beech panel (3-layer)Found all all over Europe, Beech is one of the most frequent and important European species.

The tree has been called the mother of the forest, since without it in mixed broad-leaved forests, other hardwood timber trees would have greater difficulties for survival.

Normally, there is no clear distinction by colour between European Beech sapwood and heartwood, which can both be whitish (sometimes with a reddish hue), reddish-brown, and often brown in older trees.

Beech is typically straight, and has a fine and even texture. Any type of surface finish can be applied to Beech, and it takes stains and lacquers very well. Beech lumber varies in density and hardness according to the locality of growth, ranging from 670kg/m3 to 720kg/m3.

When freshly cut, beech has general strength properties roughly equal to those of oak, however most values increase after drying, and dried beech is stronger than oak in bending strength, stiffness and shear by some 20 per cent, and considerably stronger in resistance to impact loads.

On the whole, European Beech works fairly readily, and is capable of a good smooth surface. This factor varies somewhat to growth characteristics and dried condition. The wood turns well and takes glue readily It produces excellent European Beech veneer.

Both full length and finger jointed beech panels are regularly used as beech worktops, and in the manufacture of all types of furniture.

Red heart beech panels (beech kern panels):

Some logs show an irregular dark reddish heart or kern effect, said to be caused by severe frosts. We now offer beech panels with red heart included in the form of finger jointed panels, full length 1-layer panels, and full length 3-layer panels, to give a more rustic appearance.

Beech throughout plywood

Similar product: Beech throughout plywood

A plywood composed of beech veneers right throughout its construction.

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Red heartwood beech panels:

Steamed Beech

This is a term describing wood that has undergone a steaming process under pressure, to even and regularise the colour to a slight pink or rose colour.

FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC certified beech panels & worktops and/or PEFC certified beech panels & worktops.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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