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Veneered Panels & Doors

Details and images of our standard range of veneered panels Real wood veneered products can be supplied using a combination of over 230 high-quality veneers, pressed onto virtually any type of core or composite core, ranging from 1mm up to 100mm in thickness. You can now purchase real wood veneered products using a wide range of veneers and various substrates, offering you a virtually infinite array of materials.

We also offer an inlaying service, and can inlay contrasting veneers or decorative strips in any arrangement you want.

Laminated Plywood & Other Laminated Panels

Our range of high pressure laminated plywoodYou can choose from an extensive range of laminated plywoods, with coverings suitable for a number of different uses, both interior and exterior. These coverings can be applied to a wide range of core materials in a range of thickness and panel sizes, including; MDF, lightweight poplar plywood, birch plywood, marine grade okoume plywood & tropical hardwood plywood.

We can supply colours to match RAL Classic, BS 4800, BS 381, NCS, Pantone, or other colour system

Sculptured Panels

Sculpted & contoured panels You can view a number of standard patterns that are regularly requested using coloured MDF, and gloss or satin finish woodgrain effects & plain colour surfaces.

These panels can be supplied to any texture, contour, shape or design that you can dream up, using high-quality fibreboards, plywood and through coloured MDF - other panel types can also be considered for this process.

The main advantages with these panels over other potential alternatives are a combination of cost, flexibility of design and short lead-time

Fineline Stripey Plywood

Fineline vertical plywoodThis decorative product looks like it has plywood edges on its face!

This highly decorative strip plywood product is available up to 150mm thick and is perfect for use in interior finishes and in the manufacture of decorative furniture, stairs & floors, where its stripey appearance is used as a decorative feature. Since this material performs as a solid block of wood it is perfect for machining to complicated shapes & patterns.

Profiled & Engineered Veneered Panels

Profiled & Engineered Veneered Panels These profiled veneered products can be supplied in any form you require. Whether you need a thick veneer, which has been profiled to your pattern or simply a thicker veneer (e.g. 2.5mm in one piece) for a flooring or other application, we can fulfil your requirements.

We are also able to match a specific veneer colour range against samples provided by you.

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