CPL Faced Plywoods (Continuous Pressure Laminate)

This laminated plywood product is normally supplied on exterior birch or birch combi plywood core, but can be supplied onto any core-type required. The core is overlaid with a hard-wearing laminate surface, made of multiple melamine and phenolic resin impregnated films pressed together under heat and high pressure, bonded to the plywood core with elastic two component glue, meeting EN 204 D4 for exterior applications.

The range of coatings includes a wide selection of colours and designs and is UV resistant for good colour fastness (rated 6-7 according to DIN 54004).

What is CPL?

Continuous pressure laminate is a decorative surfacing material that is produced by fusing the surface and backing, which consist of multiple layers, under heat and pressure. These laminates are then bonded to the core board in a separate process with glue under heat and pressure.



Typical applications :

FSC / PEFC Certification:

Winwood Products is a supplier of FSC certified CPL faced plywood and/or PEFC certified CPL faced plywood.

These certification systems allow you to purchase wood-based products safe in the knowledge that they have been sensibly and sustainably managed all along the supply path from when the tree was cut down from the forest, right to the point they arrive with you.

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